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Greetings Commanders,

Thank you to all the returning Commanders who have joined us in the previous Beta, and to all of those who are joining for the first time. Below, we've provided a number of guidelines to help you understand what we'd like from feedback around Fleet Carriers. If you encounter any bugs, please ensure that they're reported via the Issue Tracker here.

Throughout the Beta, we'll need Commanders to acquire Fleet Carriers, but also use them as guests and visitors. It's really important that we have feedback on how it is to manage a Fleet Carrier, but also take advantage, as a guest, of the services that can be enabled on them. Fleet Carriers will shake up the galaxy, enabling players to create hubs and services like never before!

We've split up the guidelines for two different groups: owners and visitors, and we will also have three feedback sections on the forums for each platform. You can find the focused feedback forums here:

Fleet Carrier Owners
  • Fleet Carriers will cost 5,000,000,000 credits at beginning of the Beta, to reflect the live game when it is released.
  • We will then be introducing the a special Beta BLOWOUT price towards the end of the Beta for further testing.
  • You will be able to purchase a Fleet Carrier at these stations:
    • Agartha - Enoch Port
    • Alcor - Macdonald Settlement
    • Balante - Laplace Ring
    • CD-47 990 - Jackson Ring
    • Colonia - Jaques Station
    • Diso - Shifnalport
    • Ehlanda - Clark Port
    • Kakmbutan - Macgregor Orbital
    • Kruger 60 - Kepler Gateway
    • Lan Tzak - Jacobi Platform
    • Namnetes - Jolliet Enterprise
    • Panoi - Garen Hub
    • Skeggiko O - Kuo Terminal
Along with having fun with your new Fleet Carrier, we would also like you to try out specific aspects and provide feedback on them:
  • Once you have your Fleet Carriers, we would like owners to give us feedback on:
    • Jumping the Fleet Carrier to new locations.
      • The updated jumping preparation and cooldown times. Originally it would take 1 hour for a Fleet Carrier to prepare for a jump, and 1 hour for it to cool down, we have now reduced this to a 15 minute preparation time and a 5 minute cooldown.
      • Navigating through the Galaxy and/or System map to plot the route.
    • Using the updated standard services available to you.
    • Try out different Fleet Carrier crew members.
    • Transferring any cargo from your ship to the Fleet Carrier.
    • Filling the Fleet Carrier with Tritium, which you can get by mining Ice Asteroidsor purchasing at stations that supply it.
      • Using Standard, Surface, or Subsurface mining methods to acquire Tritium.
  • With the additional servicesavailable to you, we would really appreciate your feedback on all of these. We understand that kitting out your Fleet Carrier for your playstyle is important, but it would be helpful for us to see owners try each and every service they can.
    • Outfitting
    • Shipyard
    • Redemption Office
    • Advanced Maintenance
    • Secure Trading
    • Universal Cartographics
  • Check out the Remote Fleet Carrier Maintenance and make sure all the functions work the same way as when you are docked at the Fleet Carrier.
  • Carrier Upkeep
    • What are you thoughts on the changes to the upkeep costs?
    • The livery will not be available in the Beta.

Fleet Carrier Visitors
As we said above, Commanders who visit and use Fleet Carriers are just as important as the owners. We need you to test the services and make sure Fleet Carriers work for everyone in the galaxy.

Below is a list of just some of the things that we would like you to do whilst experiencing these vast vessels:
  • Visit a Fleet Carrier.
    • Did you have trouble finding and docking at a Fleet Carrier?
    • Was it clear that the Fleet Carrier you found was owned by another player?
  • Trade both clean and stolen goods (if the owner has a Fence available).
  • Purchasing Ships and Modules (If the owner has these services available).
  • Donate and sell Tritium.
    • We would also like for Commanders to go out and mine for Tritium
    • They can also purchase it at stations.
  • Hop on and fly somewhere with the Fleet Carrier.
  • Store your modules and ships aboard a friendly Fleet Carrier either directly or by transfer.
    • Make sure that these are things you can live without, or make sure you trust the owner!
  • Universal Cartographics
    • How was your experience using the onboard Universal Cartophics?

Thank you for your participation and your feedback thus far. We cannot wait to see what you do with Fleet Carriers!

As mentioned previously, we will also be looking to see if there are any additional issues that appear during gameplay during the Beta. An issue can be an error, defect or fault, that causes a feature to not work as intended, so please add these to our dedicated Issue Tracker here.

For additional information, please check the following:
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