Habitat Animal Storage Size is too small

I realise that it was probably made to be a small amount to prevent people hoarding animals, but hear me out; I for one think it should be between 50-100. Yes, this allows for hoarding but I also think this would improve the market since people will be allowed to have more animals on the market without it heavily limiting the amount of they can store. I have about 4 pairs of animals, I bought for cheap on the market but haven't gotten around to building habitats for, and a few replacement animals I got cheap for ones already in my zoo's and it is annoying that these animals take up what feels like a lot of space. Also, it means I find it difficult to get habitat animals which have a social requirement of more than 2 animals since I also need space for the animals I breed to sell off, for me those are African Wild Dogs and whatever the community challenge animal is; just these two species (African Wild Dog and currently Cheetah) make up more than half my storage capacity. I don't think this will completely solve the market problem, ie. hyper-inflated prices for a number of species past their release value (which is in my opinion is just from a lack of traded animals which would drive the price closer to the release value), but would definitely increase the number of traded animals at any given time. Also on that note, the length of time an animal can be listed for should be increased to create a more gradual price change. I don't know if this would be possible but maybe also allow animals currently in our zoo's to be traded on the market without needing to transfer them to storage. Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into this game as it is not only what I expected when I heard about this game as someone who grew up playing both ZT1 and 2 but much much better than I could have hoped for.
There are many people around, who already hoard masses of animals and continue to take up a large part of the "fresh blood", which is traded. This is why there are nearly no bonobos, chimps and elephants on the market. Not speaking about the mass of hidden Albino animals. To increase market liquidity (and attraction of community challenges) they should stop these mass hoarding instead.
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