Happy 2018 - Streams this week!

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hi coaster friends,

A very belated Happy 2018 to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing time.

Just wanted to let you know that the team is now back in the office after our holidays and we will resume our normal schedule as we did before. I'll be replying to some outstanding threads today and if you've emailed me over the holidays, you should now have received a reply.

As for this week's streams, we're moving today's Twitch stream to tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12PM GMT for our FIRST stream of 2018! Please join us there over at www.twitch.tv/frontierdevelopments. We'll also have our first Planet Coaster YouTube stream againt at 7PM GMT tomorrow with the lovely Gameplay Programmer Robert Chisholm. It would be awesome to see you there over at www.youtube.com/planetcoaster/live!

There's another Twitch stream on Thursday at 12PM and next week we'll be back to the trusty schedule of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on Twitch at 12PM GMT, and Wednesday at 7PM GMT on YouTube :)

Also, do pop over to another new thread from Will, our new Community Content Manager (like Ed and I, so you'll be seeing him on the streams soon!) - give him a nice and warm PlanCoFam welcome!

Hi Bo, welcome back and hope you had a nice break. Looking forward to the livestreams, it's been just to quiet lately :)
Sounds good (and happy new year) - I will be interested to see if the Facebook Live mini-livestreams are still happening on Friday afternoons as well.



Volunteer Moderator
Welcome back, Bo!

I look forward new fun & inspiring livestreams this year. :rex::face:
Glad you're back - missed you and the team - hope you are all fabulous and look forward to the inspiring live streams and hopefully a cable car/ gondola very soon - BEST GAME EVER, thanks G
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