Happy 2nd Anniversary - 17.11.2018

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager

Dear coaster friends,

It's 16 November, just one day before our beloved Planet Coaster turns 2!

On 17 November, 2016, we launched the game live from London and we've been on a rollercoaster ride ever since! From new content packs to community events to Workshop Wonderlands, we can't get enough of our PlanCo family.

2018 has been another fantastic year for us all: we released the Studios Pack, Vintage Pack, and World's Fair Pack; we hit the milestone of 200,000 items on our Steam Workshop; we hosted several competitions like Studios Stunt Show or Devilish Dining; we streamed over 65 streams (and counting!); we met each other in the Efteling and at events like gamescom and PAX; and of course we welcomed four new faces in the community team: Will (January), Paul (July), Chanté (October), and Steggs (November)! What is your favorite memory of 2018?

None of this would be possible without the amazing Planet Coaster developers, people who are incredibly passionate about games, theme parks, coasters, and you! Here's some of their favorite moments of the past year:

Senior Artist Fearn Hilborn:
"My favourite moment of 2018 was working on the Vintage Pack and seeing all the wonderfully quaint, and sometimes terrifying, assets come to life!"

Artist Jack Sharpe:
"I really enjoyed seeing the community's reaction to both the announcement and subsequent release of the Vintage Pack, my first release as part of the Planet Coaster family!"

Games Designer Alex Paine:
"I've enjoyed every single day on the project!"

Programmer David Winterbottom:
"I had a great time working on the hotels – there was a whole lot of interplay between the save system, room management, UI, and a whole bunch of guest-related systems; when it all came together it felt amazing, and I was really proud of the code Rob and I had produced."

Lead Artist Sam Denney:
"To be honest, it’s still amazing to be making content 2 years after the release Planet Coaster because it’s had such amazing support from the community. If it was a specific moment, I’d say it was seeing the amazing response to the Polarity, people mover, which even had its own online video showcase. I was immensely proud of the design for that ride."

Programmer Sam Cipolat:
"I loved working on the Thememaker’s Toolkit with my amazing teammates. I can’t wait to see how the community uses custom items in their parks!"

Support Artist Metin Kolsuk:
"My favourite moment was adding my mark to the Planet Coaster legacy through blueprints and working on the packs that have been so well received by our community."

Senior Artist Danielle Philimore:
"I remember watching the trailer debut for the World's Fair pack with everyone, seeing it all come together with the music was a great feeling, especially after everyone had worked so hard on it."

Gameplay Programmer Robert Chisholm:
"My favourite memory of 2018 was doing all the awesome streams with Bo/Ed/Sam. They’re always super fun, and getting to interact with the community is a joy. I also loved getting loads of new tracked rides into the game (Adventure Boats, Vintage Bobsleighs)!"

Of course, the other part that made 2018 such a fabulous second year for us, is YOU! Your support, passion, love, and creative talent is the best thing about Planet Coaster. Thank you for another year of Planet Coaster, and happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary! Congrats on the two years and thank you for the continuous support of the game.

On to 3 years of development we go! [big grin]
Thx so much for these two incredibles years and I wish all the best to that magnificent team with whom you are, a thousand thx for all the wonderful things you have given us and I am sure that many good things will come in the next year of Planco. Happy Anniversary!!!


Volunteer Moderator
Congratulations to the entire PlanCo team with this 2nd year Anniversary!

I think i can write an essay about what this game means to me and everything that came along with it. For now i just want to say that i'm just as exited right now as i was 2 years ago! and i hope PlanCo still has a large road ahead! (You can't believe how exited i am for the TMT!!)

Thanks in the first place to the entire team, and equally important thanks to this amazing community!


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Congratulations to the entire PlanCo team with this 2nd year Anniversary!

I think i can write an essay about what this game means to me and everything that came along with it. For now i just want to say that i'm just as exited right now as i was 2 years ago! and i hope PlanCo still has a large road ahead! (You can't believe how exited i am for the TMT!!)

Thanks in the first place to the entire team, and equally important thanks to this amazing community!
Amen to that.

I've started working on my essay... [praise]
Thank you to all the Frontier Family for your dedication in creating this amazing game. You have proven to be the best of the best :) and we love you :) I got hooked on this game two years ago when I first opened it up and witnessed the beautiful sun rising in the mornings and the colorful sunsets at night. To this day I still enjoy every minute I play (almost 3000 hrs) and still get excited to see all the new updates and DLC's. Please keep them coming :)

So thanks again for working so hard....it is greatly appreciated by me as well as the lovely community.
Happy Anniversary!

I’ve loved every minute I’ve played (and there’s been a few...!) and every minute I’ve been part of this wonderful community.

Thank you to all involved for their hard work, dedication and continued support for a fantastic game.
Happy Anniversary!

I'm sooo happy ro be part of the community and that I have some much fun enjoying the game that YOU, amazing people at Frontier created for us. It's wonderful to see the game growing and all those great creations by the community!
As well I'm very thankful for all the wonderful people I met within the community - Planet Coaster became sooo much more than just a game for me.

I will never forget the launch event in London and all the great people I met there, I would have never guessed what a wonderful time I could spend :)

Thank you very much!
I can't believe it's already been two years. I still look back at the launch party, the two Community Meetings at the Efteling, and the Frontier Expo as some of my most memorable experiences (if not the most memorable).

I first arrived at the launch party not knowing anyone and being too shy to really talk to anyone (and it being the first time I visited another country by myself). But I stuck around, got to meet some very cool people (who will surely remember that awkward introduction) and began something that right now I think I can call a good friendship.

Then the first Community Meeting happened. I enjoyed breakfast with Ed, Bo, Joël, and Nemmie. Then I met a lot more people at the park and had an awesome time (being my first time in a theme park in a long, long time).

Then there was the Frontier Expo, where I caught up with many people that I've met before. My first real convention I've ever been to.

And this year I've been at the second Community Meeting at the Efteling. Again, had a nice breakfast with Bo, Joël, and this time with Will (yes, I consider myself really lucky to have been able to meet them like that). Then caught up with everyone else at the park, and met a few new faces.

All in all, I can say that I have gained a lot more friends in the past two years than in my whole life (and, consequently, also meeting a few who are also Stargate fans, who I would otherwise not have met). This really was a great time and I hope (and do think) we keep going towards the future together! Happy anniversary!
Thanks to everyone at frontier for this great game. I start playing Planet Coaster since Alpha and I'm still "thrilled" from this game. I had played a lot of games since the last 40 years, Now I'm 54 and I have to say that for me this game is the best and most fascinated game I had played in my life. So please don't stop with updates, don't stop DLC's. This game still has so much potential for more Addons and whatever. Go on with your awesome work, frontier.[big grin]
Happy 2nd Anniversary! Congrats to the whole Frontier team for making such a great game and of course the community for being the best community around!
Happy 2 Year Anniversary! My favorite part about 2018 was when the Vintage Pack was released. The Vintage Pack is my favorite pack in Planet Coaster. I hope Frontier will keep developing and adding new content like flat rides and shops in Planet Coaster.
Happy 2nd Anniversary Planet Coaster.

Not only is this game amazing and beautiful, (I've sunk HOURS into it), it's what it's brought into so many of our lives that makes it SO special.
We call this our Planco fam, but that's exactly how it feels.

I first met some of the community when we went to Frontier HQ in Cambridge and was so warmly welcomed by the amazing Team Frontier, where the gorgeous people that are Bo and Zac looked after us and Ed popped in even though it was his day off.
Then came the launch event where I met even more of you and then the Efteling which was a beautiful, special weekend as was the EXPO. I've met so many of you now in this wonderful community and it's always a joy when we meet up.

I feel so lucky to be part of this incredible, amazing, beautiful community. I've found genuine friends here that I truly love. I speak to some of you nearly every day and see you more than members of my own family lol. You know who you are ;)

And Team Frontier, you made all this possible. Your hard work, passion and talent has brought this game to life. But it's how you nurtured this family that made it totally unique. I feel so lucky to have met many of you numerous times and I love you all. You've brought so much fun, enjoyment and most importantly, some really good friends from all over into mine and other member's lives.

Thank you. Let the next 2 years be as glorious as the last.

Malc [heart]
Congratulations, happy anniversary!

I can't imagine my life without planet coaster. This game was once something i could only dream of. And now it's here, created by a passionate team of wonderful people. It was an unbelievable experience to visit Cambridge, come to the studio and meet some of you. Some days, i think back of it, and wonder: "did I dream that? ". But it actually happened, and will always be remembered as one of the best days i've ever had. To top that off, you've used my most untalented skill, namely voice acting, and somehow made it work into the game and got my name in the credits. Seeing everyone working hard with so much passion and be so kind to a stranger who walks into the office says all about how great the team behind this game is.

Not only the Devs are great, it turned the community kicks just as much. I've met all these wonderful people at the launch event and efteling meetings. It warms the hearth to see a lot of them becoming friends, meeting up all the time and even bunk in each others houses.

The game itself, i'll always call it a dream come true. After spending hours and hours on a project, finishing the project is always special. I often make video's about my finished projects. This usually results in cinematic views of a huge park, that packs more theming than rides, with some great music to guide it. I always watch these video's about 10 times and can honestly say i've been a tad emotional about some of them. Just because someone like me, not an artist, not much of a creative background, can make epic stuff in such an easy way thanks to this awesome new game called planet coaster. And......seeing your stuff in officials trailers and getting shout outs in official video's are those really special moments.

Thank you for everything, the last two years has been great, and so will be the next decades, because i will play this game, till death do planet coaster and me part. (unless you decide on planet coaster 2[big grin])

And a special shout out to the audio team! you guys are rockstars!

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