Happy 2nd Anniversary - 17.11.2018

Happy Anniversary!

And thank you for the visit I was able to make to the studio a while back with many others. I love how everything in the game has grown and that you're all so passionate about the work you do. Here's to another year of fantastic development.
Happy Anniversary Planet Coaster!

I was waiting for this Game what seems like forever. I was playing RCT3 like a maniac and always
wondered about a Sequel. My heart sank as Atari became worse and worse in handling their IPs,
so i thought this might be the End. When they announced Rollercoaster Tycoon World, i was enthusiastic
at first, then soon realized this was a huge pile of crap. But then i discovered that Frontier was
making another Theme Park Simulation Game and i was overjoyed. I signed up on the Alpha and the Forums
as soon as i could, and oh Boy this Game made me feel like Kid at Christmas.

I regret to this day i couldn't make it to the Frontier Studio meeting, nor the official Launch
of the Game. I would have loved to be there at these Events. Luckily you game me numerous
Opportunities with other Events, which i could finally take :D

Something unexpected happened during the Alpha Phase of the Game. I was surprised by the warm welcome
everybody gave me on the Forums, and being messaged out of the blue because of some off-hand
comments i made. Very rapidly a Friendship grew with some Community Members that is not just "oh i
know some guys on a Forum personally", no, these are Friends for life.

Even though we are all from different Countries, we met as often as we could to have a great time
together. We felt a strong bond even before we met. It felt like we were Friends for years since
we first started chatting on the Forums and Discord.

We talk to each other daily and share a common passion.

I have NEVER experienced anything like that with any Game before, and for that i want to thank you
Frontier for making all this possible.

Your Game is amazing, and it achieved what no other has before: Forging real Friendships.

Thank you.
happy anniversary Planet coaster

My love for roller coasters all started back in early 2000 when i first started to play RCT1.when after 10 years of hearing nothing about one of my favorite franchises i lost all hope untill one day i saw an add for RCTW,me rejoicing that a new game in my favorite franchise was being built,however that was very short lived when i saw the infamous "unlimited cotton candy" trailer,being heartbroken about it i started reading the comments.there i saw someone metioning a game being developed called planet coaster,so i looked it up expecting just a small mediocre indie game on steam,boy was i glad i was mistaken.when i saw the first announcement trailer my eyes welled up with tears as there was still hope to play a good RCTlike game for me,so i immediatly pre-purchased the early bird alpha edition.
i also purchased the Coaster head club thats where things really started to kick off as that is when i started to engage more and more with the community and even made some new friends on discord wich i truly believe will be friends forever,i was however very nervous when we decided to hold an unofficial meeting in efteling as i was very shy of meeting people due to being heavily bullied in my younger years,but being in a discord group called toilet-chat helped me get over my anxiety and also a special thanks to wingardium levicoaster as she was the first discord friend i met in real life(by sheer coincidence we stayed in the same hotel on the same floor) and was immediatly accepting of me and friendly,that was a huge relief for me as that meant the next day i was more relaxed to finally meet the rest of the community and my discord friends so thank you.but now almost 3 and a half years later when i first started playing PC early bird alpha we still are a close knit group and have done several meeting togheter now,i hope it stays this way for many years to come even if i cant be there all the time.

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Happy 2nd anniversary! Thank you for all the support over the last two years! Although I haven't been at Frontier for that long, within the small length of time I have been, you can tell that everybody here really loves and appreiciates the community. There's a reason we have always called you all friends, that's what you are to us! Here's to another year of fun, creativity and friendship! [heart]


Volunteer Moderator
I have had some amazing times with BloodyKimbel, Crowdpleaser, GregorBurns, Vampiro, Nemmie, Games4Tom, Joël plus many others. I know I can always come to you for in game advice but also real life advice. I spend more time talking to you all than I spend playing the game...
Thank You Frontier for a Wonderful 2 Years!!! Planet Coaster is so inspirational and I can not wait to see what is in store for the Future!!!! Thank You!!!
Happy Anniversary Planet Coaster!
I'm so glad I got to be a part of the Launch Party and the Frontier Expo! This game has brought me so many great times [heart] Keep up the amazing work everyone!
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