NOTICE: Happy Holidays!

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

The end of the year is nigh, and I just wanted to take a moment to send a personal thank you to the community for all of the amazing things that happened in 2017. From your wonderful feedback with every update, your kind comments and passionate playing of the content packs, the amazing blueprints, parks, and videos/streams you produce, your support (in person or from home) during our first Frontier Expo, to your generous donations throughout our 24 hour livestream – which by the way led to over £57,000 for SpecialEffect!

You’re the most wonderful people, and we’re humbled to have you with us.

We’re still uploading the entire 24 hour stream to the Frontier YouTube channel, so you can watch it back in case you missed anything - it'll be up later today or tomorrow.
It’s been a lovely way to close off the year; some of my personal highlights were the community meet-ups (more next year please!), Frontier Expo and loads of other events, and the Anneke tribute we made together.

Our last livestream of the year is tonight at 7PM GMT with brilliant Artist Fearne Hilborn – we’ll be looking at some amazing Adventure Pack creations!

As it’s the festive season, a number of people will be taking holidays over the coming weeks. The livestreams will be back in 2018 on both YouTube and Twitch, and should pick up again during the second week of January. We’ll still be reading and checking the forums and social media over the holidays but if you need to get in touch directly you can reach us via email at or messaging Dale Emasiri on the forums.

In the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy playing Planet Coaster during the holidays. We wish you all the merriest of Christmas and a happy, healthy, and fantastic 2018.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful year.
Bo, you are so much fun on the livestreams and it's obvious just how dedicated & how much time and effort you put into Planet Coaster & the community! Many thanks to you & Frontier for making this year so great! All the best for the holidays! [big grin][big grin][big grin]
Thanks Bo.

Please give all members of the Frontier Developments team the best wishes for the holiday's.

wippi hupideyo at a wippi noss yarre!
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Happy Holidays to you and everyone at Frontier as well Bo!! Thank You for all that you and the Frontier Team has done for us in 2017! I look forward to another AWESOME and Surprising year of Planet Coaster!!!
Happy Holidays to the entire Frontier Team and everyone in this wonderful community. Can't wait to see what the new year will bring :) Enjoy!
Thanks for an amazing year of Planet Coaster, and an amazing year of Frontier! - Bo, I wish you, and the rest of the Frontier Team a good Christmas Break, and a Happy New Year.
I can't wait to see what you guys have got in store for 2018, and it'll be an awesome year!

Happy holidays to the wonderfull people of Frontier! Thank you for an amazing year! [heart][happy]

Thank you Bo and Ed specifically for always being humble and positive persons! You 2 really 'carry' this community! Bedankt and thanks! [heart][cool][big grin]
Dear Bo and the entire Frontier team,
I wish you a wonderful christmas and a very happy, successful and healthy year 2018!

Even if 2017 was not my best year, I am very happy to have Planet Coaster and all Frontier members for all the amazing moments I could spent. I'm very thankful!!

I wish you all a wonderful christmas and holiday season - enjoy the nice days with your beloved ones.



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Dear everyone,

I can only concur with what Bo said. Thank you to everyone in the #PlanCoFam community and at Frontier for a wonderful year. <3

E maji oe allo a dalflu Creoshama!

(that is Planco for: I wish you all a wonderful Christmas)
Happy Christmas to the entire Frontier team. Thanks again for such an amazing game, that i have been waiting years for which has also given me an escape from the stresses of life! Here's to 2018! xxx
Happy Christmas Bo and the whole of the Frontier team, you lovely, lovely folk.

And also to all of you, our wonderful Planco family. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, New Year and 2018.

Nemmie [heart]


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Merry Christmas Bo, Frontier and the whole community! Hope you all have a relaxing break and see you next year!

[I'll still be watching the forums, so don't get any ideas...]
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