PvP Harassing Deciat Gankers

Why do all gankers think they are the best pilots in the world ? Anytime i get ganked at farseer inc. they can't manage getting through my couriers shield.

Nice flying CMDR !


What will the aggressive PVP set do once everyone GITS GUUD? ;)
Maybe then we will get less whining about PvP\Ganking\Griefing on the forums from the video-gamers-who-avoid-violence-and-competition set and maybe FDev will start taking PvP seriously instead of slowly stealth nerfing it. Maybe even less hollow-sounding chest pounding like this OP.
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I wonder if this means we can now start posting videos called "Harassing Deciat Carebears" now. Because clearly shaming a "ganker" is ok so why not shaming a carebear? If "ganker" is not considered derogatory, then neither should "carebear" IMO.
Just a vid of you defeating Harry Potter in a PvP battle with a gimballed anaconda. Not really what I'd call harassing a ganker but ok. Although I'm a big fan, Harry Potter did react quite shamefully, I admit.
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It's not harassing. You gave to harry potter exactly what he wanted - fun and fight.
The only true harassing for gankers will be if everyone will go to solo/pg.
The only most and absolutely frustrating scenario for these neanderthals will be when they will spend whole day on searches and will not get even single encounter.
Yeah and the thing is, as soon as he started to realize he wasn't winning he cries that it's a cheater. Maybe he doesn't want what he says he wants, eh?
Yeah, the Gankers and their loved GvP Meta Weapons don't like it when they realize they're being defeated with non-Meta Weapons and some flying skills xD

But then, what would one expect from CMDRs exploiting bugged/non-defending Engineer Bases and preying on landing traffic.

Frontier had bug reports especially about Engineer bases being nearly undefended but never reacted. Go figure. Hence, the Exploits kept going for years.
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