PvP Harassing Deciat Gankers

Yeah, the Gankers and their loved GvP Meta Weapons don't like it when they realize they're being defeated with non-Meta Weapons and some flying skills xD

But then, what would one expect from CMDRs exploiting bugged/non-defending Engineer Bases and preying on landing traffic.

Frontier had bug reports especially about Engineer bases being nearly undefended but never reacted. Go figure. Hence, the Exploits kept going for years.
Yeah and the thing is, as soon as he started to realize he wasn't winning he cries that it's a cheater. Maybe he doesn't want what he says he wants, eh?
He said very clearly that he assumed he was an "easy kill". He does want easy kills. What he actually got was a scrap with a cat in a ship perfectly matched against him.

I usually cut people lots of slack, but that whole "easy kill" bit gave me serious -chills.
3 of 7...I will continue to imagine you as a mischievous half Asian, busty, slightly cyber-punky catgirl who can fly like the daughter of Buck Rogers and Kira Thrace. Don't burst my bubble by denying it and keep on taking out the rubbish.
There's been a bunch of "this guy won a fight against me, must be hacking" recently, and not even confined to this game.
I always thought this was par for the course, pushing two-decades or more. Has there been some unusual flareup that I'm not aware off?

Anyway--and this is more of a general thing than anything directed at you Screenmonster--the only thing worse than actual cheaters for honest gameplay are rampant hackusations. Both cause a chilling effect that results in everyone presuming the worst of every situation.

In the case of ED, part of this is Frontier's fault for not clamping down on both cheats and baseless accusations, as well as for having a product of perpetually uncertain functionality. However, we as players are also responsible for adhering to the rules of the game and how we interpret the play of others.
i'm so tempted to give a actual answer to that then lol
It's just something we've seen around the forums? Not a very scientific analysis, I know. This thread is probably what Screemonster and I were thinking of.

Some folks in there pretty quick to conclude hacking.


I'm wondering where all of those are coming from lately. This video really stabs that trend of though straight through the heart.
There are functional hacks that have been reported to FDev and are still working with no service interruption since November 2018 at a minimum (when one of my guys reported it). Most PvPers have encountered a hacker at some point which are easy to tell because idiots just max the sliders and a conda running down a 580 m/s FDL is a bit fishy.

This situation would be suspicious to basically anyone because a mostly harmless conda dunking a PvPer screams one of two things: hacker or alt. Alt is more likely, but hackers are more common than anyone likes to admit.
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