Hard FPS Cap?

Does anyone know if there is a hard FPS cap in Elite Dangerous at 100fps? I can't get it above 100 fps no matter what I do?

Systems: i9-9900K, 32Gb Ram, Windows 10, RTX2080Ti, SSD

Any help would be great.
When I disable v-sync my fps hardly goes below 100 even on planet or in stations. In FSS it is many hundreds (exploring is the only time I normally turn off v-sync as resolving surface features is dependant on fps - otherwise I have it on to keep GFX card temp down so its fan is off). So no there is not a cap in Elite - must be something on your system.

My system i7-6700k@4GHz (not O/C) - 32 GB DRAM4 (3200) - GTX1070 8GB DDR5 running 2560x1440 - so you should make mine look pedestrian. ;)
As Para Handy said, check you don't have Vsync enabled and your display set at 100 Hz refresh (that would be an odd refresh rate, honestly), or an fps limit set in the game's options, those should be the only reasons that could cap your frame rate....while in space I can make the native 144 fps of my monitor refresh on a machine that's pedestrian compared to Para Handy's.
Solved - I had to edit the xml to turn of set <LimitFrameRate>true<LimitFrameRate> to false, then run the game - ridiculous fps! but lots of screen tearing. The reset it back to true, set v-sync to FAST in nvidia control panel. Nice 144fps now and no tearing :)
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