Harvesting wake echos

I'm having trouble harvesting/getting an FSD Wake. How do I "lock on" to the wake? I see and select the wake from my contacts panel but then when I activate the scanner with the appropriate fire group button, nothing. Nothing happens. I'm stumped.
Distance? Power priority? HUD Mode? (I don't know if the wake scanner needs to be in combat mode) Hardpoints deployed?
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Just target like a regular ship, USS, whatever. Most likely a range problem. I think a stock wake scanner is about 3 km. Also stay in Analysis mode. Remember to keep the button pressed until the two moving lines meet
...and hardpoints deployed :)

The station command will nag you if you are too close.

Remember to ship (retract) hardpoints when you are finished and planning a jump :)
OP This happens because you are not selecting the wake. Go to your contacts panel, select the closest High Wake and you should have it targetted. Then proceed with the instructions given by the above CMDR's. Good Luck
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