Newcomer / Intro Harvesting wake echos

I'm having trouble harvesting/getting an FSD Wake. How do I "lock on" to the wake? I see and select the wake from my contacts panel but then when I activate the scanner with the appropriate fire group button, nothing. Nothing happens. I'm stumped.
You get the wake scanner out and ready, just like you do for weapons, then you target the white dot on the radar with your target button. You must be within the specified range of your wake scanner for it to scan. That normally means fly to the wake until you get within 3km. Finally, you pull the trigger or press the button that's assigned to operate the wake scanner. You must hold it down until the scan is complete.
Rather than hold the button down I set the wake scanner to my secondary trigger which has as an alternative button a rotary control on my throttle so I turn that and the wake scanner is always operating, I just have to target the wake and get in range. This is a holdover from how I operate my Kill Warrant Scanner where it is more useful, wakes don't evade as much as ships.
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