Has anyone found any Settlement Defence Plans since update 6?

Settlement Defence Plans (SDPs) are ONLY available at Irregular Markers with a Threat Level and a Skimmer with 2 cargo boxes. They are not available as mission rewards or anywhere else (Settlement Assault Plans are available as Mission Rewards, not SDPs). 15 SDPs are required to get access to Wellington Beck. I searched several systems, found around 12 IMs with skimmers. Scanned the data port, and get all kinds of other data but no SDPs.

The question is: Have you found any SDPs since the last update?

If you have, where did you find them? If you're not sure you can search your logs for Settlement Defence Plans with EDDiscovery. The spelling must match Frontier's: DefenCe, not DefenSe.

If you have not, and have been searching for them please update this BUG. It is apparently the ONLY way to get Frontier's attention.

Well, I have made a fool of myself. After reviewing the info from ED Odyssey Materials Helper, I now see that SDPs CAN be found at Security Data Ports as well as Irregular Markers. Shame on me for not paying closer attention.

I apologize to the pilots who have said they found SDPs at Security Data Ports.

(smacks self on the head for not paying better attention to the available information)

I will be heading to settlements with Security Data Ports, since I have had zero luck with IMs.
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Yes, at settlements I have found at least 1 since the last update and 9 in total since Update 5 or 6 (whenever they changed the drop rate/loot table). I haven't touched Irregular Markers since Update 4/5.
Yup - from settlements, as ever. Found a pair in one settlement last week - not found a triple recently sadlt.
Prove it.
Show me your log where you found Settlement Defence Plans at a SETTLEMENT.
Edit: Cancel that. There's a bug where the logs show getting SDPs at a settlement. You just can't get them there.
Show me video of you getting Settlement Defence Plans anywhere other than Irregular Markers.

Never happened.
Prove it.

Edit: Sorry, I am really ed off about this: Everything online tells us the ONLY place you can get these are at Irregular Markers. If that has changed then that's great. It would be nice to have SOMEWHERE ELSE to find SDPs.
So, show me a video of you getting SDPs from anywhere other than Irregular Markers and I'll give you 10 Power Regulators (or whatever you need that I have, OTHER THAN SDPs)
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Yes, at settlements I have found at least 1 since the last update and 9 in total since Update 5 or 6 (whenever they changed the drop rate/loot table). I haven't touched Irregular Markers since Update 4/5.
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This part, though, is flat out incorrect. I haven't downloaded anything from an irregular marker since update 6. All of the SDPs I've encountered since that time have been in security data ports.
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As I said in other posts, my most humble apologies.
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If I missed anyone who stated SDPs can be found at Security Data Ports, please accept my most humble apologies.
I have only looked at IMs for SDPs.
Crap. Now I have to apologize to Frontier. Something that hurts more than apologizing to Pilots who work for a living.
Can be found as mission rewards. I've actually found them easier to get as mission rewards than trying to find IM 1 & 2's since the last patch tbh. Finally got my 15.
Cmdr HappyDaze - beside IM and Security Data Ports, there is third option - to find SDP as a mission target. Digital Espionage missions which send you to settlement xy
to download SDP from any data port. Once I found a mission to download it from agricultural data port. When you got it, then abandon this mission.
And there is even fourth option - to visit Odyssey materials exchange thread, to exchange it for other data or other materials. Or to have it for free!
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Yes, I downloaded one while repeating going to a restore mission to Kobayashi Botanical Estate in the Yer Tanri System.

This Settlement was spawning Opinion Polls (which I was really after) at a rate of around 1 every 3 Missions - but I wasn't doing anything else yesterday, so thought I'd spend a good few hours doing that.....as I'd nothing better to do ;)

One SDP popped up in a data download in the same Mission attempt as my 10th & final OP was got:D
I've found them as mission McGuffins, as in "Go here and download the SDPs", so I agree to do the mission, go and download them, and just never hand them in.
I don't know why, but I haven't found any ever. Not before nor after update 6. Security port? Weren't they supposed to be at habitat ports?
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