Has anyone found Thargoid Probes after Chapter Four went live?

Considering they have aquired all scan data in that area and are now in incursion mode and filling the area might it be possible the probes are now to be found where they plan to go next? Wherever that is
Has anyone had any luck yet? I've tried everywhere and found plenty TS but not a single TP in two weeks of trying. This is my second attempt in the last 6 weeks month at starting the Guardian Logs mission but like last thìnk I will have to give up. It looks to me like they are either no longer there or somewhere new. I don't mind a challenge but this is just frustrating.
Finally found a TP IN cargo bay 1 of the Delphi Science vessel. I know that has been mentioned previously but over the past 14 days I have only ever found the odd TS in the same bay. It would be some relief had I not forgotten to equip a hatch breaker. Doh!
What is this hype about Thargoid probes? All you can do with it is the Thargoid site missions. I agree it is cool but just 15 minutes joy to go and activate the machine. Of course there is not much else to do in this game ..
Just to let you know, I dropped into NHSS threat level 4's a lot to do scout huning in Merope. Out of the 15 I dropped into, 2 just had probes and nothing else, 2 had 7 Scouts of various types (Tough fight) and all the rest had the standard 4 scouts.
Not that I've been dedicatedly searching, but I haven't found any probes lately. Dropped in a Threat 5 in Madrus the other day and there was a single UA (...or Thargoid Sensor I guess) sitting in a green cloud. No interceptor to be seen, even after the few minutes I waited to see if one would show up.
I would be great it the NHSS 2 or similar was reintroduced unless the probes spawns have moved to some other meaningful locations (related to their invasion of the bubble) . That said the old mechanic of finding them near ammonia worlds was much better than what we have now. Looked for a probe all over the place in Delphi, and after hours and hours of searching gave up searching (nhss, Distress signals, and megaship holds).

Mil couriers still work for snagging probes, but then the probes count as stolen which is a pain...
This is a joke right?!
I was Cyclops hunting in HR 1185 the other day, i would say it was 50/50 if there was a Cyclops or Probe in a NHSS TL5.
It got well annoying.
Not taking the mick or rubbing it in, just saying, good luck guys an girls👍

which level NHSS?
NHSS 5-8... basically any in the range that spawn Interceptors-only. I found one in a Medusa (Threat 7) spawn, and one in a Cyclops (Threat 5 spawn). I only found a Sensor in a Threat 8, but since they're usually less common, it's more than likely if i was hitting Threat 8 regularly, I'd eventually find one.
Ok so it's 2020 know.... anymore reliable information on were they spawn nowadays???
They were supposed to be found in hercule class megaship in delphi system (by hacking the cargo bays, as megaship has been attacked, it's legal) but when cargo bay opens, the salvages are stucked inside the megaship...
So unless you plan to be lucky and looking for NHSS 5 (spawning near destroyed ships, becareful with cyclop), there are no other way right now (i searched on forum and googled it, but advices seem to be obsolete)
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