Has anyone gone to Colonia, just for the shield cell upgrade?

You mean at Mel Brandon? I was there few days ago and he still didn't have G5 shield cell mods, max was G4.
From Inara:
This engineer may be upgraded to build higher grades of blueprints over time. Please report any changes.
Be aware that although he is capable to engineer grade 5 Shield cell banks, no such blueprints exists!
From Inara:
This engineer may be upgraded to build higher grades of blueprints over time. Please report any changes.
Be aware that although he is capable to engineer grade 5 Shield cell banks, no such blueprints exists!
Yep. Only G1-G4. I pinned it just in case.
yeah I just did it.

72 jumps in a stripped anaconda using spanish plotter. did it in 1 evening. took a sidewinder back.

took longer to unlock the engineers than to get there.
the only way to respawn in the bubble is to take the free sidewinder - which means you have to lose the Annie for good
if you pay the insurance for Annie, you respawn at the last port you docked
Hasn't this been changed not long ago? At least FD wanted to change it in 'next station nearby' (I die too rarely, no clue).
No, but it was a nice bonus to be able to upgrade my exploraconda that much more. Plus the G5 lightweight life support.
Flossy said so... i rarely die so i cant tell.
But if it is like this, it means that one can short considerably the trip to Colonia if he explodes at the right time :)
Maybe they back-paddled in the last minute because of exactly this and I must have missed that (if it was announced at all).

Perhaps we should paint Colonia in a worse light... Don't want folk thinking that they can just come out here to millions of pristine rings to mine, easy access to most unexplored space, or a bunch of 'really nice folk' who only gank their friends (nice to strangers - and as no-one is stranger than I)...

As soon as Phisto had posted about 'growing' their engineers I had a 'good' reason to return. shame I now have to wait for a new HOTAS to arrive :mad:
Rat on first read of this I was regretting my decision to fly to Colonia a little less and then noted you self describe as a compulsive liar! SO Colonia is in fact a barren gankfest wasteland serving dodgy sausage rolls! Help me Jesus :eek:
At least not long (maybe half a year) ago the free Sidewinder still used to send you back to the bubble, regardless of where you die (used to be one of the starter systems, e.g. LHS3447, don't know how it's now with the new playpen).
I was just in the area, so I figured why not.

There’s some other little convenience items out there that are nice to pin, too.

You’d be fine with standard mods available in the bubble, though, the trip isn’t necessary to remain competitive in PvP.
I must be mad, but I am considering going to Colonia, for the Shield Cell upgrade.
Part of the appeal is trying out neutron star jumps for the first time, and just to have something different to do.
Am I right in thinking IF I do this, I could self destruct, and respawn back in the bubble? Or would I respawn at the engineer base in Colonia?
Also would I need to take all the shield cells I want to upgrade with me, so I can add the experimental effects. Or could I just pin the blueprint (and hope that it sticks) and do the upgrades back home in the bubble, including the experimental effects?
I've got a 70 LY Annie to make the trip with.
If anyone wants to talk me out of this, then feel free.
You've got 70Ly and you'll be on the neutron highway? That puts Colonia in the 'popping round the corner' category. You'll wonder why you've never done it before.
definitely don't go in an annie

i left mine there not realizing it was a 660 mil shipment cost back, so probs one day i'll hop back out there in a throwaway hauler or something to fetch it

use a disposable aspX or DBX or something. Whatever the minimum you need to unlock the engineer is (I can't remember what the unlock was but since I was in a well equipped annie I didn't even worry about this).

then you can suicidey back to bubble without leaving a ton of important modules and a large ship behind like I did foolishly
Would it have been cheaper to strip it bare, sell the ship and ship the modules back ?


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If there's one with a suitable landing pad in the system you die in, yes.

If you die in the middle of deep space it's still "last docked station" (or that was what it was supposed to be according to the documentation)
OK It's not something I have ever done, but it was how I understood it worked now. That does explain how I ended up back at Jamesons after my crash at The View though.....
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