Has the morse changed? (Thargoid Sensor Phenomenology)

It appears that the morse code of the TS (formerly known as Unknown Artefact) has changed. At least, from what I can see, the wireframe image for the Python has changed significantly.

Here’s the wireframe before 2.4:

Here’s the wireframe after 2.4:

I probably messed up one of the letters, but it looks different.

We should investigate the UA morse in more detail, who knows what we’ll find.
I think we should keep an eye on this. I've also tryed to get a morse code from one of the Thargoid Sensors floating in the NHSS 5/7 to see if there would be also a morsecode for the Thargoid ships but wasn't successfull so far. If there is one, it got always overrided by my own signature :/
I worry that even if you managed to capture Thargoid Sensor audio, there won't be any morse because it doesn't send care about Thargoid ships, only non-Thargoid ones.

I have a few ideas on how to do it...
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