Hatchbreaker A or B?

A has the best per limpet. But You can overload limpets and use them up easily. In fact you need to dump them if you fill up regardless. B has more overall output. Which is better?

This is being modded from a CV ship. Shields are minimal for me. I find it scary how fast a few authorities took down one ring. Also don't have the PF yet. Just normal seekers.

Cutter HatchBreaker 64
Cutter HatchBreaker 128
Cutter HatchBreaker 256
Cutter HatchBreaker 320
Cutter HatchBreaker 320 Long range <- Not sure if fast scan or long range is better on the manifest and kill warrant scanners.

I'm running this atm. I may switch out the 64 cargo for 256 with the 8A turning into a 6. Or dump the SLF bay for 128 total. I want to gather either diamonds or void opals from NPC's. Not sure if void opals can be found yet. What is best practically? How much cargo do you want for this sort of thing(how much can be found in general) and how much of a hacthbreaker do you want per ton of cargo etc?

I'm switching from mining to see if I can simply steal it to decrease the time I have to spend in a single sitting.
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