Haunted House on Morey's Pier - early 1980's

I am working on a recreation of a long gone attraction in Wildwood, NJ that existed from 1972 to 1984. I am studying photos of the exterior to make it as close as possible with the building pieces we have right now in Planet Coaster. It will even have an interior based on drawings of the three floors that some guy drew for me. I saw this as a kid at night in 1982-1983 but didn't go in. I rode a two level horror ride through that still exists today but was renovated several years ago. Wildwood, NJ was one of my most favorite vacation spots, but in the past 17 years developers have torn down old motels, restaurants, and other buildings for condos. Morey's Piers today has a scary three level Ghost Ship walk through that opened 8 years ago. There was also a scary haunted castle attraction on the former Nickels Midway Pier called Castle Dracula, it opened 1977 and burned Jan 16, 2002, it had a dungeon boat ride and a walk through. And there were other dark rides and walk throughs on the other piers. Well, here is a screenshot of my Haunted House.

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I just came across more rare shots of the haunted house at a new Wildwood nostalgia Facebook page. They were taken around 1980. The haunted house was razed after 1984. They did some major remodeling for the 1985 season. Now, the same pier is changing some more, they removed the under the pier go-karts, and rides are being moved around, and a compact coaster called Flitzer dating back to 1969 but acquired in 1983 was just removed due to age. I plan to make a ride through version of the haunted house using the hoax ride. I might upload a plain version and one with the ride.
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