Having speakers is all well and good, but...

Having speakers is all well and good, but... we need to be able to increase or decrease the volume, I for one would like to implcate speakers around my rides and be able to increase the volume so that on rides that are high up, the passengers can still hear the music I put on!
Agreed.. I can't hear anything on the in game speakers hardly at all. The sound files I make are a high enough sound level outside the game but the speakers in game almost mute them. I have brought this up a s a bug a few different times and they apparently say its "working as intended"

In that case I too would prefer a volume button per speaker
Or maybe let us Connect the sound-file directly to a Coaster.
There could be Hidden onboard speakers on the coasters, so there would be no need for any new grafic-updates.
Many rides already have the option to link audio directly in :)
Yes but when the ride stops, the audio doesn't keep playing and I think it should, that way you could link playlists to your rides and have a selection of songs or music that plays all the time including when the ride isn't moving!
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