HCS voice packs


I would like to purchase one of the HCS voice packs, as I want something a bit different.
Just wondering if i can install the voice pack without having to actually use voice attack.

Im sure you'll probably think its a waste of money if i dont want to use the voice commands, i just want to change my normal ship actions with a new voice (FSD spin up, excess heat etc.)

Can be done?

As @Stabby_Dave says, HCS Voicepacks need VA to operate - they are essentially plugins for VoicAttack.

Would one of the Elite Dangerous COVAS replacements give you what you are looking for if all you want is a different ship voice?

Leo, Celeste, Eden and Carina (maybe also Archer and Alix) are the same voice-actors as the HCS VoicePacks of the same name (albeit with an "electronic" DSP colourisation).
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