HDR in Q4?

Now that Elite is on the XB1X and PS4/Pro and HDR monitors are finally coming out for computers, it would be amazing to see stars blindingly bright, light glinting off the surface of the ship properly, and starry backgrounds and planet dark sides realistically subtle shades of black. That is, supporting High Dynamic Range.

I know it's a lot more work than just flicking a switch, but since there's a lighting engine rewrite scheduled for Q4, it would probably be pretty easy to incorporate into the pipeline at that time. We don't need 10-bit color sources (though it'd be nice) but having high contrast support would be beautiful for a vista of contrasts like the space of Elite.

Is Frontier considering finally adding support for such a sexy feature in Q4?
Surely it is on their Cobra improvements road-map?

I think it will be mandatory feature in a couple of years.
Just tried ED on an LG OLED. It already looks great, but in the hangar or near a sun it becomes visible that the game is missing true HDR. If reflections would really shine '10bit bright' it would be stunning!
Most lighting calculations are done with 16-bit precision. It’s been this way for ages.
The only thing FDEV need to change is the final tone mapping shader to convert the HDR lighting / final scene into 8-bit colour space. So actually this step is rather trivial
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