Headline on Startup screen dated today, "Thargoids unexpectedly withdraw from core systens".

I would say that yes, they're doing a rethink, and maybe they'll do the Eve Online approach....and then I realized, nope, there's nothing the players own like stations that can be put at risk by Thargoids, so until that changes, players aren't going to care that much about them.

I suppose they could attack Fleet Carriers though.
Would this be related to the community goal?

Sounds like they're just all heading back to defend their meta alloy source.

Lol noone read the other galnet articles, super interested, lol.
Reading between the lines:

FDev realizes that if they don't change course the entire bubble will be destroyed at the rate they're going and nobody cares, nobody is repairing stations, and nobody is fighting Thargoids other than for the occasional novelty of it and a few grind monkeys intent on keeping their favorite system and most of their Thargoid content is going completely ignored and unused by the player base. They need to rethink and rebalance this whole Thargoid thing while they still have players to engage.
And the galaxy map was being obliterated by all the Thargoid incursion bookmarks, annoying everybody else who had no interest in them... :LOL:
maybe the Thargoids had a forum vote and decided to move to the Cone Sector....so after the next server tick, they'll be 12 LY farther out than they are now.
Nah. They decided that killing all these PVE players for their yummy void-frozen carcasses were too much of a grind, when they can just pick up a six pack of human thighs for just 200 ARXes.....
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