Ship Builds & Load Outs Ships Heat managment and efficency overall value...can be checked somewhere?

I hope someone could help me explaining something about heat management.

I read that A-rated power plant, no matter the class (1, 2 ... 8) have the same heat efficiency. However, in I see a parameter, called "Resisting Heat" that decreases using lower power plant class: 4A PP has a less Resisting Heat of a 5PP... lower value should be better heat management. I don't know however how much this parameter is accurate. For example, it seems don't care about the engineer mods applied to modules (like thermal spread or the low emission mod).

Is there any place in the game to check the current loadout heat efficiency value? So I can eventually test different loadouts and actually see what is the real value.

Use case: to keep heat low (especially when fuel scooping), it is better to use a stock 8A PP or a 6A PP "overcharged" with a "thermal spread" experimental mods applied?

Lots of interesting stuff inside...
Yeah, thanks for that Factabulous. I admit I've preferred Coriolis, but like you said it's not good for heat. I just used Inara to export my Orca to EDSY and it shows resting heat at 14%. That's what I claimed but now I can feel like it's correct. Very useful for folks minding their heat (and everything else too I reckon)
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