Helicopter and Jeep skins

So I just learned that there are way more skins out there than just the orange Helicopter and Jeep, but they're not only exclusive to pre-order, they're also exclusive to console! Every platform has it's OWN exclusive skin for pre-ordering, and honestly I think that's too much exclusion. No new vehicle skin has been added in forever, so why not make them available to everyone?
I tried to pre-order the game myself for PS4, but something wasn't working with the Playstation Store and I wasn't able to pre-order the game, and lost access to the extra vehicle skins. I really feel that the skins should be made available to everyone now, especially since there are literally no alternative skins for the Helicopter and a very limited selection for the Jeep. It'd be such a small thing that would appeal to so many players! Please consider it <3
I agree. I preordered the game but I would not mind having the other skins available for purchase as a skin pack. I would love to have the green and orange skins as options to be alongside the blue one I have to have new variety to my parks. Plus I want to divide the jeeps of each section to have a dedicated color, so orange, blue, and green teams sounds awesome to have in the parks.
Having stuff locked behind preorders is a bad anti-consumer practice anyway. It's been long enough. Those skins should just be made available as paid DLC now. There is no good reason to not do this.
I'm not that mad about simple skins being a preorder bonus, they're cosmetic trophies.

I would love to see them as a DLC release, perhaps $1.99 for the 6 vehicle skins (or even just the 4 that weren't available for your platform) and the Jingle Jam dino skin. Would be something that even those with the preorder and skin would still get something from and would make for an interesting thing.

Hell, they could up it to the $4.99 and add a few other skins into it such as add the colored skins for the new tour truck and potentially another for each vehicle. Add it as a charity thing and I'd buy it. Perhaps a JP helicopter skin
The ones unlockable via gameplay are much nicer than the pre-order skins IMHO.
what Trilobite said about the Helicopter, also it doesn't matter if you personally would use them or not, that doesn't excuse the lack of variety available lol. I know tons who definitely would love to use them like me lmao
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