Help - how I fly. With tips. Hyperspace, supercruise, dock, land and trade


I've tested using keyboard only (no mouse etc. pure basics) since the start.

I made my very first video this morning.

It might help you fly.

The video is piloting a cumbersome Lakon Type 9 but the principles should apply to smaller craft too.

It covers hyperspace, supercruise, tea, docking, landing and trade. One straight trip from start to end.

It's just over ten minutes long. I have taken it slow so you can check out the instrument panels and have some tea.

Please can you share you tips in this thread, especially around orientation and keys (not voice attack, track IR). Just the basics.

There are much better pilots and videos out there :eek:

>>>> Elite Dangerous Video Link<<<<<
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I could not imagine using only a keyboard in ED, it would be a nightmare for me.

It's really not that different from using a keyboard in the original. One of the big bonuses is that you know where all the keys are and your hands are next to all of them all the time. If you can type okay then you can keyboard pilot. Plus when it comes to being accurate, there's not much that can beat tapping a key for an instant slight change.

Good Luck Wise Duck! Fly safe!
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