Help - I have over a trillion dollars in park money?!


I was just quietly building my park in challenge mode - adding in things built by other amazing builders from the Steam Workshop (thank you guys!). And then I just checked back on park management and saw my money status. All I have been doing is importing some buildings, moving them around in the park and nothing else.

This looks to be some kind of bug (go figure...).

Is there any way for me to just easily get rid of all the money - I guess not.

Or can I save my whole park somehow without the money part - I want to continue quietly building away but not have stupid amounts of money available to me in the very early stages of a challenge map.

Here's a picture of my park with the stupid money showing:

And here's a picture of the actual sum of money:

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Oh geez - it's getting worse: I just lost 24 Tn dollars in a month:

This is all really odd. All I did in May was add and then remove an imported building set....