Help, I need Ship Rats!

On this very day, I am standing here at Bomba Point, to pay respect to all CMDRs who risked their lives and ships to rescue a single CMDR in distress. Although his reckless driving caused huge increase in insurance costs for all explorers, CMDR Bomba Luigi was nominated for "Just-refusing-to-die CMDR of the Year" from planet Wilson vocal minority.
Hey, my driving is always very elegant! I'm like a Ballerina on wheels :D
Yes and then Count could screen his movie on the cliffside at Teaparty location.
Not going back in the smelly Asp though. Booking 1st class tickets on Goaties Beluga. I hear ticket prices got nerfed so should be affordable:D

Aye but I reckon that's the party Beluga to be on!
Looking very forward to it Count! Question just is if you can capture my awesomnese on Film, thats very hard to do :p

And yes dormus, should be the first imperial Fighter on Wilson If I haven't missed anything!
Don't worry Murgle, that's just me in disguise, making sure everything on Wilson stays nice and neat. We don't want anyone to steal all the memorable SRV husks littering the place.
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