Help, I need Ship Rats!

Hey guys!

So I'm currently producing a weekly Elite Series in which a friend and I visit the most interesting places in the milky way. In todays episode I visited Planet Wilson. I thought you might enjoy it. I used a lot of informations and sources out of this thread so I hope this episode can live up to this great story!


The Planet Wilson rescue was one of my best experiances, and I didn't even make it there for the actual rescue but it was good to get there for the rest of it.

Wilson still looks scarily rough I am glad to see.
I am at least stranded at very nice place!

I know just need to look if I can get everything here I need to survive (Phosphorus, Sulphur, Iron and Nickel) and I have seen enough Movies to know that I need to write a big SOS message!
Problem is I'm not where I am on the second picture anymore, I'm deep down in the Canyon:

Need to get to higher ground for a proper message, finding a way will be very difficult if not impossible!

"Luke, seriously, theres no point"
Shut up Ben! Wheres your sense for Adventure?

Beautiful pictures here
I think a Paladin is in order to exorcise this vile necromancy.
Riiiiiise my minions! lol Hey, its even in EDSM, so that counts for something right? lol Sorry, I was going though my old posts on the forums (Its been a hot minute since I've been on ED) and came across this. It was a fun time!
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