Help me surprise my husband

My husband doesn't play elite that much and hasn't seen thargoids that much. I want to take him to a thargoid base and show him the device tomorrow.
I need the thargoid probe and scanner to do this.
I've flown round an amonia world for 4 hours and found no probes in those NHSS. Even went into a NHSS lvl9 in vain hope to get what I want.
My husband knows nothing. He thinks we're just going to go get meta alloys to unlock farseer. I would really love to surprise him. Also he has a vr headset and gets scared easily so this will be great.

Tldr I need help finding probes and scanners
Scanner I think you mean Sensors(?) they are easy - just go to HIP 17403 crashed goid ship and collect. Probes - you could try the cargo holds of attacked/burning megaships. I haven't been to them for a while, but they all had messages about being attacked and their cargo holds normally had either probe/sensor/link. Just relog till you find one. A quick search on forums should give some locations of burning megaships.

Edit - found an old spreadsheet of mine where I tried logging the attacked megaship details. Gave up as it wasn't leading to anything interesting and the cargo changed on relog, but normally there was at least 1 goid device. Can't promise any of this is still accurate - its over a year old, but the megaships might be there still. Don't forget manifest scanners and recon(?) limpets to open the cargo doors.
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Go to asterope and grind out NHSS 5/6/7/8

You only want the ones with interceptors... make sure you've got some tank to escape any scout spawns.

Randomly, a Probe or Sensor will spawn in the NHSS... you just have to beat the Interceptor to scooping it up.
sensors you can find lying around near the crashed condas. probes are more tricky, i got mine last month entering about a dozen alien signals in the pleiades until a probe spawned, then snatching it away before the interceptor did. i tended to stick to level 5 but not strictly. don't remember what level the uss was where i finally found one. not really sure if level is relevant (anymore).
there's nothing...
I can't find anything...
I've robbed megaships...
I've visited hundreads of NHSS levels 5 to 9...
I've even resorted to hatch breakers on ships being attacked by scouts in lvl 3 and 4 signals
For 3 days I've been at this! I've not even seen a single thargoid sensor!

Probably a total of 12 hours by now just searching...

all I have to show for my efforts is a 500 credit bounty!
I give up. I'm going to that surface spot and picking up a sensor.
Least I can let him see the interior of the thargoid base... not much but its something...

really would have been nice to show him the glowy thargoid device activate
Just got a TP / TS from the Lowell class in Delphi


Took more relogs that I wanted, but hey - cargo hold 0 as ever.

If you want them OP ping me and I can hand them over. (Hmm, PC master race offer only I guess I should have said)

And remember with the current hyperdiction levels once you find them : On hyperdiction - boost and FA off is your friend :)
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