Help! My Spooky-DLC is not showing up...

Yo Guys,

I bought the game yesterday with just 1 DLC... the Spooky-DLC... the Games works well but
the DLC is not showing up, don`t matter what I do... I restarted, reinstalled, unchecked and
reched the DLC but nothing is working. I'm very dissapointed. Me and my friends love
Halloween Theme parks, and I immediately recommended them Planet Coaster with the
Spooky DLC after I saw it on YouTube, but probably have to tell em' now that this is not working.

Any idea what else I can do?
What game type playing?

With the last update I thought all dlcs are now researchable. If you are playing a old save file it might not show up after the latest update.

If you cant see them under research either. Open a new scenario with the scenario editor and check if you can select it there under rides/scenery.

If it is not there either you have to contact frontier support. You can find the mail address on their website of somewhere here on the forum.
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