Help Placing Water

Hi everyone,

I noticed that in the Career Mode pirate park, there is water that washes right up onto the beaches; however, when I try to construct something similar, the water seems temperamental at best and I can't place water unless I have a gigantic pit with large cliffs all around it.

Does anyone know how to make water areas where the water comes right up to almost level with the land?

As CFC said....
Best option is to get the water level set first, then make adjustments to the terrain.
The water levels have a specific step level, its a matter of figuring out the closest one and adjusting your terrain to meet it.
It can be a little bit of a pest, but ultimately very rewarding when you get it. Frustrating when you don't have the patience though.....
How do I set the water level before messing around with the terrain, though?
This clip may help with what cerealfruitcakes and Fraggle have pointed out...

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