HELP- transfer planet coaster to new PC

So my gaming PC arrived today and I have set everything up, I just want to know how I can continue to play Planet Coater on this new PC rather than on my old laptop. Is there any way in which I can transfer the game and the Frontier Launchpad to my new PC? Because the game is in Alpha i'm not really sure how to do this without having to buy the alpha again. I don't mind losing my current parks too.


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Log in to Frontier Store with the same credentials you used to set up the account and browse to "My Downloadable Products" and you'll be able to download Frontier Launchpad (and in turn the game) to your new computer.

If you want to transfer the files and save games ahead of installing Frontier Launchpad you could copy these folders to the same location on your new PC:

%localappdata%\Frontier Developments
%userprofile%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments
NOTE: If transferring files manually it would be wise to delete the %localappdata%\Frontier Developments\Frontier Launchpad\Products\Planet Coaster\Config folder ahead of the download to ensure none of your laptop specific config carries over.
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