Herbivore-Carnivore compatibility list?

There should be one on the forums but I have lost track of it.
What can I share is that, what you might already know, is the following;

  • Small carnivores have nothing on armoured herbivores and sauropods. (For example, a Dilophosarus can fit well with several Ankylosaurus(es).)
  • Large carnivores can live amongst medium carnivores and sauropods.
I'm going to look around for the thread and I'll keep you posted. :)
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Feel free to ignore the Indominus & Indoraptor, clearly incompatible with anyone.
The Indominus can actually co-exist with small carnivores... Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, and so on... pretty sure the Indoraptor can co-exist with large sauropods... so the compatibility chart basically looks like this:
Small Carnivores = Large Carnivores, Armored Herbivores, Large Sauropods, Nigersaurus
Large Carnivores = Small Carnivores, Large Sauropods
Indominus = Small Carnivores
Indoraptor = Large Sauropods

It should be noted however, though small and large carnivores can coexist, the small carnivores will constantly panic in the presence of large ones, which can cause a negative impact on their health and happiness.
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Unless the enclosure is large enough!
I thought the indoraptor tried to eat sauropods?
It'll attack the Nigersaurus... but then, all large carnivores attack the Nigersaurus... to my knowledge, the Indoraptor ignores larger sauropods like the typical large carnivore... only the Indominus will tackle those.
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