Herbivore population fights

As the game mechanics currently works, herbivores of the same species (triceratops, pachycephalosaurus, etc) will only fight with each other when they are over their population limits, and when they do so, will cause significant health damage to each other. I think it’s fair to say most of us want to be ethical* and responsible park builders, but we would also love to see those interactions play out in our parks.

Is there the possibility of seeing in future that the same animations for fights are used when these animals have dominance contests, without negatively impacting the animals comfort or significantly impacting their health? It just seems like such a shame that we have to make your dinosaurs unhappy in order to see these interactions!

*most of the time
Yes very good point!! This needs to be implemented!!! Switch the death fights of over population to dominance fights. And add 1 more killing blow animation to over population death fights so they are different.
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