HGE spawn rates are now out of hand. Please can we know what's happening, FD?

I really think hge shouldn't be the only place to reliably find grade 5 manufacturing materials. There really should be other ways to obtain these. Maybe they spawn on planet scan missions or inside compounds.

Maybe up the drop chance for pharmaceuticals in combat and add a few more grade 5s to the drop tables.

Maybe add the missing few to mission rewards.
Dare I say, "Make Credits great again", nice thing would be to allow users to purchase Mats.

I great way to interduce a credit sink?

Please don't misinterpret my comment as if I wouldn't care about the current bugs/state or even endorse it.
No way. And I understand the issue if the main source of mats are signal sources.

However with regards to high grade manufactured materials which are sought in signal sources here is the way I perceive it and my way to address the issue. In fact - for me it's not an issue at all cause I don't go searching for signal sources anymore.

Where do materials originate from found in signal sources? Materializing out of nothing? No.
We find them as the remnants of destroyed ships. With getting less and less out of them (high grade down to degraded emissions) when NPC and human vultures have robbed them out.

That's why I'm extracting mats from the original source. Ships. Absolutely reliable and still working without any issues.
Taking a few missions which are likely to get assassinators. If I want to be sure I can even load a few tons of gold on top.
If missions get enemy warnings it's usually a pack of 4. In most cases Anacondas and sometimes T10s.
No scanning required, no search, the mats are looking for you instead, will find you and invite themselves.

Being always very generous in yielding mats. Grade 4 and 3 always plus of course some grade 2, grade 1 again more rare and I would say every second ship gives grade 5, usually one load of 3, very rarely 6.
Planning some data collection for the weekend.

Literally I get more mats out that way than I ever can use and regularly need to visit a trader to convert into the ones I don't get from ships.
When everything being full again or say being at 80-90% I stop.

Hence - try ship farming.
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Dare I say, "Make Credits great again", nice thing would be to allow users to purchase Mats.

I great way to interduce a credit sink?

that could only have two possible outcomes.
1) Mat's would be cheap enough to buy without issue (like refuelling/rearming your ship) and that'd render the entire engineering process redundant.
2) mat's would be punitively expensive and that would only shift the problem to finding ways to make sufficient credits to buy the mat's you need.

What would be nice if some of those fancy new installations that FDev put into the game provided decent sources of mat's.
You find a wrecked comm's hub in 'goid infested space, you hack/scan a bunch of data-points on it while evading/suppressing the 'goids and you get, say, 20 G5 scans from each one.
You find an orbital laboratory that's well-defended. You have to shoot a bunch of power relays on the station (which makes the station and ships hostile) to bring down a force-field which allows you to get inside and shoot some cargo racks which yield a heap of G5 mat's.
You find an orbital military base, you attack it, shoot some power relays, open some doors, get inside and get to steal a bundle of other G5 mat's.

Implement that sort of thing and it wouldn't matter if people choose to relog (or jump out & back) to farm it because they'd have to complete the required task to collect any available mat's.
I get my PI's by doing short-hop passenger missions out of LHS 20.

Got a long-range AspX with a C6 VIP cabin and some collectors.
One job is usually 4 or 5 jumps, I pick up a couple of HGEs along the way and get 5 PIs as the reward.
Not amazing but not terrible.
Oh, I know full well I could get them easily another way. The point is, you should be able to get them the game the way the game says you can get them, or they need to update the descriptions. Fix your junk, FD.
First time on since the update...

I didn’t have any issues finding HGEs.
Not overly upset about the exploit being nerfed....always ecpected it would be.

Interesting thing for me though was that even when going to a boom system, the HGE drop really depended on the state of the faction it belonged to...so “NONE” usually dropped Imperial Shielding and “Civil War” dropped “Military Alloys”...what I didn’t see too many of were from “BOOM”!

I guess all the old methods are out the window and it’ll take a bit of time to work out what various system attributes yield what.

Dare I say, "Make Credits great again", nice thing would be to allow users to purchase Mats.

I great way to interduce a credit sink?
Hell I'd pay real money to avoid garbage grind.

I don't know why they sell bad paintjobs when they could just sell mat packs.

[Before anyone points it out, yes I know this would be pay to win and thus "not good" or whatever, really I am just venting about grinds]
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Has the spawn rate settled down?
Patch notes here Krash.
Well, that would not be an issue if HGEs where not the sole sources of said materials isn't it ?

Like if they where each tied to multiple game loops.

So, lazy game design + sloppy release QA = poor outcomes.

Who would have thought...
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