Hi developers! Let's talk about the futur of Planet Coaster...

Hello everybody, I play planet coaster since the first alpha.
And I see that all hold players think same as me. I fell like planet coaster need more time...
Effectively The first alpha was just amazing. (I spent 40 ours in it) How long it took you to do it?
The second just implemented some new cool stuff but not amazing new game mechanics (except the terrain modulator) (I spent about 15 ours in it)
The third was cool but not big changes at all... (I spent 3 ours in it)
And here is the beta that also include some new coll stuff. Amazing but not what I've expected a year ago...
The final release of the game is in a month and I saw that at the exception of some new cool stuff, the game will be the same as it is right now...
So please postpone the final release of planet coaster.
What You did with planet coaster is just amazing and I love you for that! You spent ours and ours of time in this magnificent game but I think what I see now is not the full release of the alpha of the game that I've seen a year ago.
So please could you reply to this thread to see what you are thinking about what I've said and what think the really first fans of Frontier and Planet Coaster.
Thank you!