Ships High Grade Emissions around Colonia ?

Is it possible to find HGEs somewhere around Colonia ? Or are the missions the only source of G5 manufactured engineering materials ?
You can get data from Jaques, due to the three sightseeing beacons there are wakes in abundance.

HGEs are difficult to find imho, I mostly find them by chance.
Data are abundant, this is no problem. I was asking more about material salvage HGEs, because it seems that G5 manufactured materials are really hard to get there.
HGEs for Proto Radiolic Alloys / Proto Heat Radiators are relatively easy to find - just hop about and look around. Pharma Isolators you might find occasionally.
Missions for Exquisite Focus Crystals and Biotech Conductors are also very common once you're allied with enough factions.

The rest you can get in small quantities by shooting at high-end NPC Anacondas, or by material trading. Or just stick to the G4 blueprints, of course, which are still pretty good.
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