Dinosaurs Holoscape Dinosaurs Yet To Be Installed

The Holoscape was an exhibit at Jurassic World’s Samsung Innovation Center where guests could push a touchscreen button to present a life-sized hologram of a certain dinosaur.


The ones not yet in the game are Elaphrosaurus (a small carnivore from Jurassic Tanzania), Hadrosaurus (unarmored ornithopod paleobotany), Hoplitosaurus (armored ankylosaur paleobotany, a close relative of Polacanthus from South Dakota), Lesothosaurus (an unarmored herbivore from Southern Africa, given stegosaur paleobotany due to its possible relation to the spiked and clubbed dinosaurs), Microceratus (unarmored ceratopsian paleobotany), and Nipponosaurus (unarmored ornithopod paleobotany).
If you’re reading this, Gabe, I do hope you’re right. That way, we can also get Mosasaurus and Plesiosaurus. My 3rd marine reptile would of course be Ichthyosaurus, but I don’t know what’d the other 2 be.
Dinosaurs - Buildings & Attractions Concept of a "possible" marine dinosaur inclusion update/DLC (and how it could work in depth)
Just a reminder, dinosaur wishlist threads aren’t allowed in the idea and feature request forum. If you want to post whatever species you would like to see, take them to the Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread.

But regarding your statement about my post, I do have at least 5 candidates for marine reptiles as I posted on a comment in that thread (assuming more than just the mosasaurus would be a thing in-game that is).
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