Horizons, for like an hour

So I logged in earlier and saw that my launcher had changed from orange to blue and the play button said play horizons. I received a in game message from someone who I assume was an engineer looking to boost my FSD. I was even able to do the holo-me stuff in the dock. I logged out of the game and back in and it was all gone. Launcher was back to orange and holo-me was disabled and said I needed Horizons to access it.

Was there an oppsie on the FDev side or did something get messed up on my game/account?
Yes I just have the base game, only started playing a few weeks ago with some friends. I was told that we should be getting Horizons on the 27th so I was surprised to see that I had access to it a week early. Well hopefully on the 27th I'll have access to it again.
The same thing happened to me last night, was editing stuff in the graphics config .xml and when I launched back the game through steam, boom; the launcher was blue and I thought "what is this?!!" so I started the game and there was a PLANET GENERATION loading and the menu had Elite Dangerous Horizons and I was able to land on planets and everything, just like I had Horizons hahah. But then when I restarted the game, the PLANET GENERATION loading stopped halfway and the menu appeared and it was changed to just Elite Dangerous and I couldn't land on planets anymore, everything was gone.
I wonder if that was the only way to test the Horizons free for base game users?
Tick a box and a dev logs in on a base game installation to make sure, have a quick play and then untick that box.
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