Horizons Horizons Game Manual Anyone?

Is there a game manual for Horizons that explains/discusses all the new things that have appeared?
The only manual I know of is from the launcher and it links to version 1.05! Just a tab bit out of date.
We paid for a product and there should be a manual. I have complained about the same thing in regards to Powerplay.

I would like to know how to find materials for synthesis as it shows up in my ship console. I should not have to search through forum threads, or youtube videos for this information. I paid for the product and it should have come with instructions and explanations of the new features.
Thanks. Was looking for something official but I have a feeling that will not happen with FD.
Appreciate the link.
If you have any questions at all pop in to the exploration forum, the chaps are all eager to help there :) And we are brewing quite a few things there right now !!!
I agree we should not have to spend time looking for info on how to do things or even the controls of a new game. I have not even looked into synthesis yet. I am still having problems setting key bindings for the SRV lol.

FD please issue an Official manual for Horizons.
There is a post somewhere in this forum, don't ask me where, where one of the designers said they won't be updating the manuals anymore because they wouldn't be able to keep up. Then it said something along the lines 'but that's what all the player written guides are for'
The official manual is linked on the launcher. Last time I checked, it's not been updated for Horizons (and it should be).
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