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A few pictures...see video at the link above

The story behind the Castle of Horror Heights..........there is a insane Billionaire who built this ride. You'll see him throughout. He's the one with the blue hair. He's always with his girlfriend and pirate bodyguard. He imprisoned some of your park guests and workers to put throughout his ride. They are leld mostly on the main floor where the guests go up the stairs to get onto the ride. Everything at the beginning of the ride gives the appearance that the ride is Fairy-tale like but it's not as you will see throughout the rest of the ride. Behind closed doors he's an evil man.

On what I call the bridge, you'll see the billionaire who has zombies and mummy's imprisoned. He tries to electrocute you with lightning (all timed) He doesn't succeed.

When the doors open you will see different scenes on the different floors. Loaded with animitronics.

Bottom Floor: Zombie Studio Animitronics are on 2 balconies trying to escape fires. Blue haired billionaire watches on.

2nd floor: Takes place in his Study. The billionaire, his girlfriend and bodyguard are there too. Lots of Spooky DLC animitronics..

3rd floor: Archaeologists hard at work digging for skeletons in rubble.

4th floor:Graveyard under the stars. Mummy and Zombie's attack the billionaire as an act of revenge for all he's done. He wanted to dig up more skeletons to use in his ride. I added star panels for the walls and the sky so it really looks like your outside. Added trees, flowers for realism. Skeleton animitronics, fog and more.

5th floor: The billionaire is burning the evidence of his torture and imprisonment of guests and so on. He's burning boxes in the fireplace. Takes place in his living room. Lots of straw exploding out of the fireplace, lots of fire embers so it looks like the boxes are actually burning up. Mummy animitronics and more.

6th floor: The 3 of them try to escape in his helicopter.
I added the Time machine sequencer and set it to last the length of the ride but it only last 20 sec. I tried adding multiple ones but it didn't work. So just make it dark when you ride it. It looks good either way.
It's located just to the left of the exit gate.


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Nice work, Heather. Great storytelling for a scary Horror Heights.
Thanks for sharing your creation with us :D
Very nice and spooky work Heather. So many details. This must have taken you a very long time to build.
Love the story behind it too. :)
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