Horror Scenery Theme and Custom Music For Rides

Custom music for the rides is something i love from RCT2 i would love to see it implemented into the game. I would also love to see a Horror Themed Scenery pack as im a horror fan and love spooky stuff.
I'm surprised this request didn't get any replies. I'd like to add that I'd also like to see horror themed section. I'd a lot of fun back in the day playing halloween world in sim theme park. Would be great to do that here but on a much larger and scarier scale.


Well, i hate to brings the news to you but a "spooky" theme is softly confirmed already since there is some filename (or i forgot what it was exactly) that has a name that suggests we will have a spooky theme.

As for the custom music, its my personal number 1 request and one of the most requested features. But due to technical difficulties it's not in the game (yet). They are looking into in, but it remains unsure if it will ever make in in the game but there is still hope.
We already have half the items required for a 'spooky or horror' theme and there are already many parks on Youtube that work very well with such a theme. We have smoke and steam effects for atmosphere, we have props like the skeletons and skulls so it wouldnt take much to be added, maybe some anachronistic witch or ghosts, to finish it off.

Check out this amazing creation to see whats already possible,