Hotkey to delete object under cursor without deselecting the current tool

I've been playing the alpha for a while now and absolutely loving it, and I'm very much looking forward to creating many more parks in the beta and then the full game!

There is however one feature that I think would help speed up my building.

Anytime I'm in the middle of building, and wish to delete an object that's in the way, I have to leave the current tool to delete the object. I find this most time-consuming when trying to build a coaster through a forest (or dense collection of scenery), and every time I encounter a tree (or any object) that's in the way I have to leave the coaster builder, select the object, delete it, select the coaster again, go back to edit track mode, then continue building.

It'd be great if there was a hotkey to delete any object (maybe excluding coasters) under the cursor without leaving the current tool, regardless of which tool you're using. I would find this very helpful.

Alternatively if there's already a faster way to work than this then please enlighten me!