I've been an ED player for a long time now. I keep watching videos of people launching ED and immediately entering into Odyssey. I own the Odyssey DLC, but the only options I have is to play ED or Horizons on launch, then when I enter the game, there is no Odyssey-themed screen or options available. When I just hit Open Play, all I get is my regular in-game interaction. There is nothing that I can find that allows me to exit my ship or walk around. What am I missing here?
After more research, I have found that I'm supposed to be able to select "Elite Dangerous: Odyssey" in the launcher like I would with Horizons or Vanilla ED or the Arena, however Odyssey is not displayed anywhere.
if you purchased odyssey with one frontier account, and are using a launcher logged in under a different then that will lead you to not seeing odyssey.

This is almost certainly what would be going on here. (especially if you purchased odyssey directly from frontier but are using a launcher from a game store like steam / epic - as they will default log you in thru their accounts...which would be different from a direct buy account). you should be able to log in to a different frontier account once you start the launcher though ...and then it will stay logged in for subsequent launches.
Just for info, yes it is possible to add Odyssey to an "account" that doesn't have Horizons. Don't ask me how, but a friend had problems ordering from the store and ended up with different email addresses at Frontier. I gifted him Odyssey through Steam since you can't through Frontier (found out the hard way, got my money back). He had problems redeeming the gift and when it finally took, he had Odyssey in an "account" with no base game(s) so it wouldn't launch and another "account" with Horizons that worked as always but no Odyssey. Seems he can reconcile this by coordinating between Steam and Frontier about the accounts that are or should be just one as he only owns one account. Can't say if works or how much of a hassle it is as he cares so little to bother. He did go so far as to let his carrier be cleaned out by the rest of the squadron and then sold/repo'ed as it seems it wouldn't survive the "merge".
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