How do I take a screenshot and what folder are they kept in

A newb question I know but then Im a newb to PC [big grin] I have been looking for an answer and found a screenshot thread where somebody asked the same question but nobody gave an answer.
With Steam overlay enabled, F12 takes a screenshot. Then look via Steam at your content, and somewhere there is a button to view folder. It's buried in the Steam folders. Once I found it I made a shortcut to my desktop.

You can also do PrintScreen key, then go paste into Paint, or whatever, but that's cumbersome.
Does steams screenshot feature work for fullscreen gameplay? The print screen key does not. It only work for windowed, the other way it gets black.

Dropbox have a nice feature of saving every printscreen as a png-file picture in a folder in your Dropbox. No need for processing everything trough MS Paint by hand anymore for me. [happy]
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I believe prnt scrn works, I've done it and it captures both my desktops though so I have to crop it. I am positive I run fullscreen.
Steams does.


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