How do you guys get guests interested in specific rides/areas?

Hey, so I'm no expert designer like a lot of you, but I'm just about to finish all the career scenarios 100% on my own and I'm kinda proud of that at least.
Anyway, my problem is with the second hard objective of Goldmine Tower. I've got a pretty slick hybrid coaster that meets all the criteria except the $3k/month profit. I'm really proud that I got it set up to seamlessly handle 2 trains on a 90 second total duration, so it should be a people eater.
Here's the thing tho, I set up the coaster in one of the circle areas to the side (right side from the entrance area) and no matter what I do, I can't get people to go to that area to fill up the coaster. I have a transport ride that goes around to each of the circle areas (not the center where Majestic Thunder is tho) and it brings a lot of people that just walk straight back to the center ring. I've put down a bunch of rides whose exits require that people walk past the coaster queue. I put down signs everywhere and set the advertised destination to that coaster. Nothing works.mobdro

I wanted to check if the coaster, despite having all green stats (8.42 excitement, 5.something fear, and 2.88 nausea), was too intense or something, so I moved it to an open spot on the inner ring and immediately it earned enough to get me the gold star.
But still, I wanna know how you guys get your guests to go to a specific area and ride the rides there (assuming they have good enough stats)? Also I should mention that the whole area had tons of theming so every queue scenery was 100% and the coaster's ride scenery was "high", but I know there's at least a very high rating that's possible.
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Signs! I place signs around the busy areas of the park and link them to the attractions you want people to go. They seem to work well.
You need to place at least two triggered scenery pieces near the track, and link them to the track to get a Very High scenery rating, which will up the ride prestige, and will attract peeps. Ride Prestige attracts crowds. Nothing else.
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