Guide / Tutorial How do you record video of Elite gameplay?

I see wonderful videos made of gameplay for instructional purposes, like the "Pilot" who does these on ship types with opinions and audio overlays.

This thread would be a good place for discussing suggestions on how best to do these things?

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I use the free OBS Studio - but I just do rough-and-ready videos with audio - I don't do any post-production or graphics like the snazzy "content creators" do.

Nvidia GeForce Experience has a convenient recording facility - but I don't like its bloatware so don't have experience installed any more.

Windows10 has a built-in facility but I know nowt about it as I am hanging-on to W7 for as long as possible. :eek:
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I'm going to record some tutorials and was thinking the same but it sounds like I might need to resort to plan A, which is to set my mobile up on a stand and just film it including my voice commentary. My phone video quality is epic so here's hoping
NVidia Experience is very easy. You make an nVidia account, download and install nVidia Experience, click on the share icon, then, in the share settings, assign keys to start and stop the recording. Alt+F10 is one of the defaults, but it's also used by ED to take snapshots, so you have to reassign it. After that, nothing could be simpler: One key to start recording and another to stop. If you have a microphone, you can switch it on in the settings every time you record so you can do live voice-overs. If something happens in your gameplay and you were confused or not sure what happened, you can press a key to record the last 5 minutes to review it. That means that you can record after the event, which is really useful.
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