How fast can you get an SRV to go?


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Have you ever wondered, just how fast is it possible to get an SRV to go? While doing a variety of races and with some tips from the awesome Candy Crew Guild, I managed to get up around 50 m/s on a couple of occasions.

If you want to know how fast you can really go, then you need to ask the aforementioned Candy Crew Guild! What if you could get your SRV into orbit :cool: how about travelling at 1,300 m/s :eek:

I have nothing to do with this video, other than to simply enjoy it. Save your rep for when one of the CCG turns up here :D

There was this one time when we pushed an SRV so hard it got in orbit, we couldn't stop it lol I don't know how fast he went though.

Although in the ground I only got to 45m/s

Here's a photo:

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This is awesome!!

I once got my SRV into orbit (see avatar pic), but it was through a bug. Nowhere near as clever as the vid in the OP.
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That's pretty neat, would never have thought to try getting into orbit that way.

As for the fastest speed I've been able to drive the SRV, about 70-80m/s while retaining some control on the ground...generally down gentle slopes on medium gravity worlds. Fastest I've hit on the ground before exploding is in excess of 100m/s. While falling, much higher, but still not quite the ~1300m/s in this video.
I always think the srv sounds in pain at high speed. Its like an over revving lawn mower. I wish they'd give it a better motor sound.
Have you ever wondered, just how fast is it possible to get an SRV to go?
I once got mine up to around 80 million times the speed of light. It was in my vehicle bay, and I was in hyperspace, so probably not what you had in mind ... ;)
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