How is the Pimax 5K+ Doing?

I am in the market for a new VR setup, having owned a Rift CV1, sold for a HP Vive Pro, now whilst i await HP to get there act together and release more of the Reverb's i am digging around trying to find out about other offerings out there in the VR world.

Plenty of info on the Valve offering 'Index', but have not heard anything about the Pimax 5k+ for a long time. This section used to be full of Pimax Pimax and Pimax and now ' Not a Lot'

So how is it doing? is it contender for the Reverb/Index alternatives? Is it up to it? or was it just the initial excitement and has now been found out?

REALLY interested to know experiences and why you have kept your 5k+ ? or why you have sold it ? (Fair few on the old Bay for sale).

If only HP in the UK would get a move on!!

Thank you for your time
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Wait for august end . They will come with announcement.
Hmmm Interesting............Meanwhile what about the current crop of Pimax users experience. Lot of hype around Jan-Mar, but nothing since?

My Vive Pro is up for sale any one want a bargain PM Me.
From my perspective, I'm still having a great time in my 8K - the field of view has really grown on me, to the point where my old Rift CV1 feels almost claustrophobic to wear and is really jarring when I occasionally have to set something up on Mrs Teatime's rig. Some of the barren moon/planet vistas I have seen with the wide field of view are majestic/awesome and I wouldn't trade that for anything, unless it's finally getting those last few degrees of lateral peripheral vision.
As soon as the household budget allows, I'll be buying a 5K+ for Mrs Teatime.
Hi Waspo,
I suspect a lack of info here is because these pimax's are delivering the goods.

I've been 5k+using for quite a while now, since Feb in fact. I backed it on kickstarter. Used daily for between 2 - 10hrs+ (I'm an avid ED player in my motion rigs) so a few 100 hrs 5k+use so far. Previously had CV1's and a DK2.
As a tecky, I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with it. My pc setup is pretty mediocre in the big scheme of things but the 5k+ copes pretty well. I can read every bit of text clearly and the colours are very good/vivid compared to my previous HMD's (no god rays and sde is pretty well non-existant). Setting up the pimax on the pc was straightforward but I did have to mod the headstrap (I wasted £100 on a vive DAS which made it worse, kiwi headfoam kit from amazon from £20 = solved and dead comfy for hrs and hrs). In ED I can't run a lot of high/ultra without taking a fps hit but with a few ED menu tweaks and 1.5x on hmd setting (no s/s) its well playable. The FOV does it for me tho, I use medium setting in pitools. I did a compare with my CV1 a while back and that really showed how far VR is progressing (I'll be selling my two CV1's as I don't see me ever going back to that narrow fov and image quality). The pimax is a good headset IMHO.
The only drawback for me is I do sometimes lose the tracking. I can get it back within 60 secs by restarting the hmd. This is only very occasionally and more likely due to me 'losing' a usb momentarily (my rig is very loaded with usb usage for my motion rig and a lot of background progs running). If the nvidia driver crashes (which also happens very occasionally) then its usually a pc reboot. As there is very little evidence this is a problem for everyone using pimax, I'm certain these issues are related to my rig and its poxy usb's.

cmdr Blastard
Spot on CMDR Blastard

I also had initial USB troubles and bought a dedicated USB card for the 8K and that cleared those up.

I also follow a start up procedure of lighthouses, Pimax, PC, ED and 95% of the time everything works flawlessly. The other 5% I maybe need to reboot the machine once to get full function and I suspect Win10 and its USB handling more than the Pimax (USB device enumeration in Windows has been a bit janky for years).
Mr Teatime & Blastard, i thank you both for your reports. My Vive Pro has just been sold (If the money transfer happens), so i am currently VRLess, and looking at what is around now. Loved my CV1 for 2 years, and although initially highly impressed with the Vive Pro WITH the lens Mod, after all the tracking pitfalls i have had for the last month, battle with Support, i want a change, so i have money in pocket (Soon TM ) and a decision to make....HP Reverb, Pimax 5k+, Valve Index. I just can't go back to a monitor at all to play ED.

PS. Blastard, i love your final Chair Build. I have watched the progress and commented many times on your threads, but had not seen the Final version. IMPRESSIVE!!
PS. Blastard, i love your final Chair Build. I have watched the progress and commented many times on your threads, but had not seen the Final version. IMPRESSIVE!!
Thanks for the comment Wasp0
The final build one is a bit more pimped out now, and only has 150kly on the clock lol - it did dw2 without a hitch. Great with the 5k+.
Just got out of good session.
I am quite interested in the Pimax HMD BUT they seem to be having some growing pains and quality issues with the housing so I am waiting till that is settled as the 5K+ has some serious issues on that front regardless of the odd case where people are not. This thread is a very good read, all of it, as people's opinion change throughout... as it become more apparent it is not isolated cases. Some people are on their 5th hmd and still cracks are showing up.

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My 5k+ black levels sucks. HMD quality sucks. I recommend to stay away from pimax

I am waiting for an OLED HiRes screen. I hope Samsung will release a "O+ v2" with OLED Anti screendor filter, HiRes and 130+ FOV in a nice "skimask" HMD
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I own an 8K and am happy with it. When you have it carefully tweaked, it's a great experience, especially in ED, using the wide FOV. I can wear mine for 5+ hours (no breaks) without discomfort. However, others have not been as satisfied. If you are interested and willing to invest a bit of time properly fitting and adjusting it, the payoff can be well worth it.

Still, I would recommend waiting before buying one. There is apparently a big Pimax announcement coming on Sept. 16th. I think there will be a new, significantly improved HMD announced, as well as updates on still unfinished promises (like a deluxe headstrap with integrated headphones).

I will probably upgrade, sometime next year, assuming the specs are as good as the rumors.
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Even better. I'm looking forward to a higher-res FOV HMD to upgrade my 8K. It looks like I may have choices.
Still not satisfied the housing cracking has been solved, but they do have a warranty and Sept 16 announcement sounds like it could shed light on this and much more.
I will say that my Pimax has cracks and corner chips because of this "known issue" but still works just fine. I even find the blacks look as good as my CV1 but how things look is just so personal anyway and only the one who can tell is you. Always try to get a test demo if you can.
I personally use my Pimax for ED and almost all my library. The exceptions like NMS, In Death and a cuple more, I still play on my Rift just for the controller functionality. This will change when I get gen 2 controllers for my 5K+.
I don't recommend Pimax to non-enthusiasts atm, but that could change soon. For enthusiasts I would suggest a close look but then if you're an enthusiast you already have.
it's doing great. I've upgraded from Pimax 4k to 5k XR and it's a lot better except for SDE
you should definitely grab one if you are still using the older gen ones.
Pimax highlights:
much wider FOV
higher native resolution
no/minimal god rays
depending on model decent SDE
OLED option
I have the 5k+ and it's bloody brilliant compared to the original CV1 Oculus Rift. You do have to fiddle around with contrast and brightness to get a decent black level, but once you find what you like, you're good to go.
I have the cheapspit LCD version.

Minimal god rays, nearly no screendoor and Wiiiiiiiiiiide field of view.
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