How longs have 'Planets of Sol' Bobbleheads been in the store, and why did no-one tell me?!

It will be in the newsletter today, I reckon......

Edit: Just checked them out and they look pretty good.
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Robert Maynard

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I'm havin' me some of those.... :D

.... I wonder when we'll be able to buy a "Satellites of Sol" pack - need me some Moon....! ;)
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And Australia is front and centre in the image of Earth on the store to boot! Woot!! <with fingers crossed it looks like that in-game>
I live in 3303 and i can cruise in whichever planet and system i like. I m not gonna put some earth bobblehead on my cockpit for nostalgia reasons. :D

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Brilliant! I just read about these on Discord. Are they vaguely to scale (i.e. is the Pluto one smaller than the Jupiter one) or are they all the same size?
Interesting. I thought Mars had been terraformed in 2291, so why is it still portrayed in its 20th century form?
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