How longs have 'Planets of Sol' Bobbleheads been in the store, and why did no-one tell me?!

I'd hazard a guess that these will rotate as you steer the ship. :)
Nope. While they sway like any bobblehead, they are also rotating on an axis (at least some of them are - haven't looked closely enough at all of them yet). In Earth's case, it's the opposite rotation direction to what it should be. I wouldn't have a clue whether the other planets are rotating as they should or not.

This minor bug aside, the planet bobbleheads look oh so cool. Thx heaps Frontier!
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From the product description

or bask in the beauty of Jupiter whilst rummaging around in the far-flung imprint sites.

Is this a well known name of (the thargoid "base") sites in the community?

Haven't heard the term "imprint sites" anywhere, but then, I have been trying not to spoiler things too much until I managed to go look.

So, are "Imprint sites" a known concept for the community? if so, what are they?
I wouldn't hold your breath.

Coming soon: nowhere is safe, as the great beigification spreads to our cockpits. All colour will perish!

On the plus side, with sufficient blandness upon infection, maybe we won't be able to tell Earth is spinning the wrong way anyway...
If the bobbleheads starting going beige...That would actually be hilarious!
please make one of VY Canis Majoris so i can't look outside the cockpit anymore and need Multicrew for guidance piloting my ship :)
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